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November 14

A week in the life of... a DNA Designer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at DNA? We’re a small but perfectly formed team and the variety of our clients means a variety of work too. As the clas...

November 8

Calling all designers / art directors!

*UPDATE* We've now filled this one but thank you for your interest! We’re looking for a talented designer to join our team of 9 here at the Paintworks in Bristol. We’re in quite an enviable position in that we’ve...

March 8

We've got a new vacancy for a talented Account Executive...

*UPDATE: We've now filled this vacancy - thanks for your interest* Your first step in a great career... We want to add an Account Executive to the DNA team as we’ve promoted the lovely Sam who&rsqu...

February 5

We've got an Account Manager shaped vacancy in our team

*UPDATE: We've now filled this vacany - thanks for your interest*  It's super busy over here at DNA so we're hiring a marketi...

January 22

Christmas at DNA: the votes are in

The memories of turkey-induced food comas and Monopoly-fuelled family feuds have already started to fade, so it’s hard to believe that Christmas was just a few weeks ago. However, I encourage you to cast your minds back… Far, far b...

December 17

Christmas at DNA across the years

The tree is up, the songs have become impossible to avoid on the radio and it’s socially acceptable to wear the uglies...

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