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Want to be the Best?

Want to become a Best Company to work for?

Want to become a 'Best Company' to work for? We can help create a communications programme for you.

‘The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for’ programme is a strengthening exercise that underpins a strong team ethos, better effectiveness and can secure your status as an employer of choice.

Some companies do make it to the Top 100 in their first year of trying. Some never do but they’re always better businesses as a result.

Wherever you are right now, thinking about and working within the 100 Best programme gives you the structure to get where you want to be, by delivering against 8-points: 

  • My Company
  • Leadership
  • My Manager
  • My team
  • Training and development
  • A fair deal
  • Company integrity
  • Wellbeing

‘The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for’ programme provides a structure to make you a better business, to understand how engaged your staff are and what you need to do about it – in the same way that an effective employee engagement audit would.

Together we can do the careful planning and ongoing measurement, ensuring your people at all levels buy into being the best and reaping the benefits.It’s a great way to be a better business.

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