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Employer Branding: Better for Business

Employer brand development

Effective employer branding is simply good business.A compelling employer brand will both save you money and make you money.A clear and structured plan is essential to effective employer branding and the benefits are many: a strong employer brand will help to identify, attract, engage and retain the right people for your business. We can help you to increase candidate quality and decrease recruitment costs at every step, enabling you to find people who want to work better with you for longer.

Employer branding’s Top 10 Benefits:

  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Reduced time per hire
  • Improved employee performance
  • Improved, more efficient processes
  • Better and bigger talent pool
  • More speculative and better quality applications
  • Minimised reliance on recruitment/temp agencies
  • Maximised employer advocacy and approval
  • Maximised customer advocacy

A strong, effective employer brand starts with a well researched and defined Employee Value Proposition (EVP). We can develop and guide the process to achieving this, then bring that EVP to life internally and externally, wherever and whenever your people are in their journey with you.

Check out some of our case studies

Case Study  

Training & Development Comms Ovo Energy

Training & Development Comms image

We developed a communication programme for Ovo Energy employees around training and development opportunities within the company.

Case Study  

Onboarding Website Endsleigh

Onboarding Website image

We developed an onboarding website to inform new starters about what to expect from their new career and make them business ready and engaged from day one. 

Case Study  

Communicating Career Paths Endsleigh

Communicating Career Paths image

Endsleigh had invested heavily into their external employer brand and how they communicated with the outside world and wanted to show the same commitment to internal colleagues. As a large organisation, keeping their talent in-house is key and, as such, highlighting possible training and development and career paths was integral to this.

Case Study  

Employer Brand Development Endsleigh

Employer Brand Development image

Endsleigh is a major recruiter in Cheltenham and Burnley but they needed an employer brand to help give them recognition in key talent markets both in and out of the local area. 

Case Study  

Onboarding Website Kimberly Clark

Onboarding Website  image

We developed an onboarding site to enable new starters to return documentation prior to day one to make them business ready right from the word 'go'. 


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