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Success is an Inside Job

Internal communications

You can strategise all you like, if your people don’t know where the business wants to be, how can they help it get there?Good internal communications leverages employee engagement and enables your people to see what part they can play in helping achieve your goals.

Really good employee communications will also help people to see how they can get where they want to be: motivating and inspiring achievement at every level of development by putting the spotlight on the mutual benefits.   

An investment in internal communications is an investment in your business and your people, and particularly important if you are:

  • Re-organising your business model and structure in response to changing market forces or customer need?
  • Contemplating how to use the results of your employee survey to get your people to step up to the plate and be more effective and engaging communicators.

Creating and delivering strong internal communications strategies is in our DNA. It should be in yours too.We work with our client partners to deliver:

Career Path Communications

  • Visual career path development
  • Career path communication days
  • Career development booklets

Learning & Development

  • Leadership Training Programmes
  • Graduate Scheme Induction
  • Centralised Induction Programmes

Internal Communications

  • Employee handbooks
  • Private social network site
  • Employee engagement site
  • Vision & values communications
  • Employee benefits collateral

Check out some of our case studies

Case Study  

Referral Scheme Medvivo

Referral Scheme image

We revamped Medvivo's referral scheme in-line with the employer brand we had recently created for them.

Case Study  

Employee Engagement Aldermore

Employee Engagement image

Aldermore are a British bank unbound by tradition who set out in 2009, to build the future of banking. Ten years on and they have grown in leaps and bounds. In any organisation - and especially one with such growth - comes the need to unite them in a common purpose, reinforce the ongoing journey and recognise the hard work of all their employees.

Case Study  

Internal Comms & Organisational Change Joules

Internal Comms & Organisational Change image

Fashion and lifestyle brand Joules needed a creative way to engage staff with a project which would have a big impact across their organisation.

Case Study  

Vision Communication TC

Vision Communication image

TC wanted to communicate their vision for where the business needed to get to and the actions that would help them achieve it. 

Case Study  

Referral Scheme Ovo Energy

Referral Scheme  image

Ovo wanted to reduce their reliance on recruitment agencies by getting their current staff to refer friends and people in their network.

Case Study  

Training & Development Comms Ovo Energy

Training & Development Comms image

We developed a communication programme for Ovo Energy employees around training and development opportunities within the company.

Case Study  

Onboarding Website Endsleigh

Onboarding Website image

We developed an onboarding website to inform new starters about what to expect from their new career and make them business ready and engaged from day one. 

Case Study  

Leadership Communication Aldermore

Leadership Communication image

Aldermore Bank are a young and very successful bank. The HR Director wanted to bring the leadership team together and foster a more communicative approach. 

Case Study  

Internal Social Network Active Nation

Internal Social Network image

We developed a private social network for a disparate group of employees to engage with each other, share experiences and be inspired by the business leader. 

Case Study  

Employee Engagement ROI

This client  was looking to significantly grow and improve  their business (double turnover and treble profits) against a background of little or no investment in the employee engagement agenda and a largely change averse workforce.

Case Study  

Communicating Career Paths Endsleigh

Communicating Career Paths image

Endsleigh had invested heavily into their external employer brand and how they communicated with the outside world and wanted to show the same commitment to internal colleagues. As a large organisation, keeping their talent in-house is key and, as such, highlighting possible training and development and career paths was integral to this.

Case Study  

Internal Job Boards Kimberly Clark

Internal Job Boards image

We developed two internal job boards for Kinberly Clark - for the European and Middle east and Asian regions.

Case Study  

Leader Development Programme Ovo Energy

Leader Development Programme image

Ovo want to be an employer of choice and as such are committed to recruiting, training and supporting the best people they can. This was the launch of their first leaders programme.

Case Study  

Onboarding Website Kimberly Clark

Onboarding Website  image

We developed an onboarding site to enable new starters to return documentation prior to day one to make them business ready right from the word 'go'. 


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