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Joined-up Thinking

Media planning and channel selection

We’ll start with where you are, who you want to attract and what you want to say. And we’ll work out where it will be best seen and heard. We know how to plan media and select the right channels to find and engage the right people. It’s all about defining your story, telling it creatively and really engaging with your audience.

Depending on your aims and budget, that might mean a job listing or a complete campaign spanning a range of media. We’re also experts in using social and search, and in every case we aim to deliver integrated schedules that reach far beyond active job seekers to reach the passive candidates too.  

Direct sourcing, when done creatively, strengthens your brand, bringing your vision to life from the inside out, ensuring you have the right people on board for longer and maximising your recruitment spend in every respect.

If you’re really serious about your business and building a strong employer brand, we can help you to define an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and bring it to life.

Check out some of our case studies

Case Study  

Graduate Recruitment Programme Ovo Energy

Graduate Recruitment Programme image

A graduate campaign which incorporated collateral from attraction to induction.


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