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Start as You Mean to Go On


First impressions count as much for companies as their new hires.A good first impression will maximise the energy, advocacy and productivity new people bring to a role, an employee’s experience and engagement, as well as delivering on ROI.

We take the long view, assessing all of your other activity and making recommendations that deliver a tailored Onboarding programme designed to ensure your new hires are off to the best start on a progressive career with your business.

We’ve created Onboarding sites that give new people an insight even before they join you officially. Online, we’ve created tools for new starters to complete essential paperwork. While offline we’ve designed welcome packs and cards.

In every case, our Onboarding activity is designed to join even more dots on the candidate journey, creating a seamless experience that maximises your recruitment spend.

Check out some of our case studies

Case Study  

Onboarding Website Endsleigh

Onboarding Website image

We developed an onboarding website to inform new starters about what to expect from their new career and make them business ready and engaged from day one. 

Case Study  

Onboarding Website Kimberly Clark

Onboarding Website  image

We developed an onboarding site to enable new starters to return documentation prior to day one to make them business ready right from the word 'go'. 


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