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Employer Reputation

Whether you're happy about it or not, your employer reputation already exists in the market. You can’t buy it, you have to earn it and we’ll help you build and maintain an authentic profile that sets you apart from your competitors and, in so doing, helps you achieve your people and performance goals. 
A Harvard Business Review survey found nearly half of the individuals surveyed would entirely rule out taking a job with a company with a negative reputation. So how do you build a truly positive and authentic reputation as an employer? It needs careful planning but certain activity streams are key. 
Firstly, we’ll work with you to set a benchmark measurement. What is your reputation? How are you viewed internally and externally? And why? From there we can address some of the key action plan areas.
You'll always reject more people than you hire (and some will be existing or potential customers of course) so an exceptional candidate experience is critical. Most organisations can get the mechanical process and the ‘paper work’ right, but can they nail the essential ‘people work’? The essential human touch that makes your audience feel valued?

Secondly, the most enthusiastic and articulate exponents of your brand and the employment experience you offer are the people who work for you. A recent survey said that less than 15% of candidates believe what the C-suite of a company say, less than 25% believe what HR say but more than 66% believe what the employees say. And when this has been applied by companies it really works. One DNA client has had an employee advocacy platform in place for 2 years and has not placed a single recruitment ad in the last 18 months. They are seen as a ‘great company to work for’ and their hires are coming in via social media via employee advocacy. The DNA Way will help you maximise the potential of employee advocacy and as always it starts with having clear objectives in place and a proven process. We’ll create a layered comms and engagement plan – building the profile of the leaders and managers and sharing your purpose and achievements.
So, beyond employee advocacy, effective and proactive social media management is key to understanding and positively responding to the profile that exists and the issues arising from that. 
Finally, third party awards and endorsements can help you paint a more compelling picture – whether that’s the Sunday Times Best Companies, Great Places to Work, IIP or one of the myriad of other options. 
As always, we plan carefully, execute with flair and measure everything. And deliver for you.

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