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Now’s the time to re-evaluate your EVP & Employer Brand

The last year certainly wasn’t a year that any of us expected, or planned, what was on your list to achieve, tackle, accomplish, can you remember? 2020 was a year of change and adaptation, COVID is something we’ve all had to work around. But now, with that ray of light, at the end of, what feels like a very long tunnel, there’s never been a better time to check in with your Employer Brand and EVP.

Like it or not, your culture hasn’t been on hold since March 2020. So, in terms of your EVP and employer brand, are they still relevant and fit for purpose? Do they align with your current reality or your post covid strategy? A recent study revealed that over 40% of employers are re-evaluating their EVP, which indicates a high probability that your competitors are looking at theirs. 

Your EVP is the statement of intent as to what you stand for as an employer and how you want to be known in the audiences that matter to you. And out of this, employer branding is your strategy to appeal to current and future talent – those people who will succeed and stay in the environment you create. 
The war for talent hasn’t gone away and there is both threat and opportunity out there for employers in 2021. So, don’t wait for your attrition levels to start rising, candidate quality to decrease and recruitment spend to rocket, be ahead of the curve and make sure that your employer brand and EVP, deliver exactly what you and your business needs.
We’ve worked with a number of brands such as Cath Kidston, MAN Truck & Bus, Glendola, Superdry and Pets at Home, with proven ROI – dramatically reducing costs and improving retention, whilst ensuring a legacy of better and sustainable new ways of working. We’d be more than happy to explore how we could help you too. So, get in touch with the DNA team today on or 0117 300 3000.

Author: Amy Adams
Date published: 23.03.2021

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